Bora Bora NFTs

NFT's most glamorous photos of the world's most glamorous paradise.

The Collection

Mick Gow Photography had the opportunity of a lifetime to capture everyone’s dream paradise location with his unique and stunning style. He admits that this is some of his best work. The images have since been shared thousands of times across social media and sold to many of his clients as stunning pieces of wall art. The time has come to release this exquisite art to the NFT community.

What is an NFT? Watch this video

  • A limited set of 15 NFTs
  • All NFT buyers will receive a full-resolution digital file!
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  • All 15 NFTs released on launch date

Not just an NFT - unlock the digital file!

All owners of each NFT unlocks access to the full resolution image file. This gives you unlimited access to use your image to create wall art, murals, posters, or whatever you wish for your own personal use.

Tip: Once you have the digital file, you can re-sell the NFT and even make a profit!

High-demand content admired by celebrities and influencers

High profile social media influencers, and celebrities such as Jennifer Anniston, Jimmy Kimmel, Jason Bateman, Justin Bieber, Halle Berry, and thousands of other high rollers have created memories at Bora Bora spending tens of thousands on their dream vacations. The demand for Bora Bora is excessive, and NFT Art is all about investing in highly desired content that people have emotional attachments to.

Some places these photos have been used and featured:

How to buy NFTs on OpenSea

If it’s your first time buying and NFT, setup your crypto and wallet before the launch. Here’s a step by step video on getting setup to purchase on OpenSea

What is a Gas Feed, why is it so high?

Unfortunately, we can’t control gas fees. This is a fee the blockchain uses for transactions. The busier the network is the most the gas fee costs. We find purchasing in the evenings (US time) can often lower the gas fee by 20 to 50%.

What exactly am I buying? 

An NFT is a digital record of ownership of an asset. There will only ever be one NFT stating this is the original – a bit like a record of sale or claim of ownership. Many people purchase NFTs as an investment to then re-sell. 

This is my first NFT, is it safe to buy?

OpenSea is the top NFT market and all the setup you do initially actually ensures transactions are super safe. Many people believe cryprocurrency is safer than any other form of transaction as there is always a digital trail.

About the Artist

Mick Gow is an Australian born photographer, now based in California, USA. His career started in graphic design, and product design. His passion for art has led him to build multiple successful online communities for the art industry which led him to create world drawing day. The past 5 years he's focused on his passion for landscape photography, where he's built a passionate social media following and had his work featured in magazines, by puzzle companies, in travel blogs, and his prints can be found on the walls of business and passionate collectors across the country.