Lost in Light

The NFT art collection for lost souls

Coming Soon!

More than an NFT - actual art!

The first purchase of any Lost in Light NFT comes with an 8x10" HD metal print, so not only do you get NFT bragging rights, but a physical keepsake to clout on your wall.

We didn't stop there, it's customizable!

Our characters are a little lost. To help them stand out, add custom text to your print and really make a one-off masterpiece. After you've purchased your NFT, contact us to get the process started.

Meet the lost crew

The Collection

Lost in Light is a rebirth story.

Pixel characters of the original online flash game “GoFlippo” from ’90s have been re-incarnated into the crypto world. NFTs have given these Gen-Z characters a new life.

As the original artist of this game, I’ve brought these lonesome characters back to life, not just as an NFT, but to represent a more simple life. When the little man had a voice, but he didn’t always have to use it.

We’ll be releasing 1,000 Lost in Light NFT’s.

  • Backgound: Magical moments of light, from epic sunsets to the ultra rare aurora borealis.
  • Hair – styles and colors for guys and gals, mixed with some highly desired accessories and headwear
  • Faces – noggins come in all shapes and sizes, and some even look a little sus
  • Tops – we have all your favorite tees, tanks, jackets
  • Bottoms – Pants, jeans, shorts, skirts and even some clad bikinis
  • Feet – footwear for every occasion, even if you like going bare-feet.