One shape. One color.

A social experiment to launch the world's most minimal NFTs to the moon.


You can now purchase on OpenSea…

Groundbreaking NFT artwork

Years in the making – I thought long and hard, studied master artists, NFT legends, created endless experiments and came to the conclusion I would just make a bunch of shapes and color them. Is it art? Is it beautiful? Does it have a deeper meeting? No, it’s just colored shapes.

Colored Shapes

Here’s the basic b#tch shapes you learn in preschool. They’re common in the real world, but rare as teats on a bull in this collection.

These shapes are just like the ones above, I just stretched them. They’re OK I guess, probably worth some stupid amount of crypto one day.

Let’s be honest, the rest of the shapes look like they came from I basically added them so I could have more items, and make more crypto. Deal with it.

I really went above and beyond with our color palette. Everyone wants primary colors so I thought, screw you, and made them ultra-rare.









Secondary colors are usually favored by people who dare to be different. I like to reward those who make bad choices so these are as rare as a 3-minute steak. 

The rest of the colors come from the X11 color standard. Pair these with an ultra-rare shape, and you still have hope.

The NFTs nobody asked for, but we all needed.

The first meme NFT – a social experiment with no purpose. 100% bragging rights, 0% utility. We dare you to own one shape in one color, and help raise the floor so you can tell your friends “It’s not just a JPG, it’s a f#king JPG of one colored shape”. 

Frequently Dumb Questions

Are you serious?

Not usually, but in this case yes. I genuinely want this social NFT experiment to make noise. So blow it up. 

Is there any utility value to these?

Nope. 100% bragging rights. You get to say “dude, I spent a stupid amount of crypto on a colored shape”

This is dumb, it won’t work.

“So you’re telling me there’s a chance!”
– Dumb and Dumber

Anyone could make this.

But they didn’t. I did. Go eat a bag of shapes.


In case you didn’t notice, I keep sh#t simple. Here’s the plan…

Mint for 0.001E (plus gas)

Yup, I'm kicking it off for about $4 plus gas. Minting stays open until sold out. No questions, I won't even ask you about your cars extended warranty. Max. 10 items per mint.

Instant reveal on OpenSea

See your dumb colored shape immediately on OpenSea. View properties, and question your life choices.

Growth & Marketing

I'll continue to push all the right angles to market and spread the word of our success, the prices will raise, and we'll see who's laughing now.

The One Shape Story

Watch the TikTok that went viral and where One Shape One Color all began.

About the Artist

Mick Gow is an Australian born artist and photographer, now based in California, USA. His career started in graphic design, and product design. His passion for art has led him to build multiple successful online communities for the art industry. The past 5 years he's focused on his passion for landscape photography, where he's built a passionate social media following and had his work featured in magazines, by puzzle companies, in travel blogs, and his prints can be found on the walls of business and passionate collectors across the country.